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ABOUT :: Company Overview and Mission

Abstract Solutions is a leading provider of UML® products, solutions and professional services for the modelling, design and implementation of complex software systems.

Based on recognised software industry standards, Abstract Solutions’s products provide advanced capabilities that deliver tangible improvements in quality, reduced time-to-market and lower overall development costs.

Software development projects in a number of industry sectors including military, aerospace and defence; automotive; nuclear management; telecommunications and healthcare have used Abstract Solutions’  products to deliver safety-critical, mission-critical and embedded real-time software applications.

Abstract Solutions' mission, 

 "To be the preferred partner, to help our customers achieve market leadership in the development of advanced systems and software with state-of-the art solutions that deliver increased asset re-use, reduced time-to-market and high integrity development"

reflects its commitment to delivering leading-edge industrial strength solutions that enable its customers to meet their business objectives through efficient design and implementation of software applications.

Abstract Solutions was formed in 2010 and took over the business of Kennedy Carter Ltd.