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CUSTOMERS :: Industry Sectors

Abstract Solutions' customers operate in a number of industry sectors, developing or commissioning a wide variety of software applications. The company’s customers use the executable UML process to deliver tangible benefits in their systems and software development life cycle.

The successes of these customers demonstrate the use of Abstract Solutions' products in the development of IT (business) and real-time applications, from tight embedded systems to networked applications. The organisations listed in these pages are a small selection of those who have applied the MDA approach to software development making use of Abstract Solutions' tools, training and consultancy services.

The presentations and case studies include organisations in the following sectors:


Organisations looking to deploy new IT systems have used xUML modelling and the advanced code generation capabilities offered by Abstract Solutions' products to meet their stringent project timescales. The option to develop customised code generators, built using xUML models in the Abstract Solutions toolset, has provided flexibility and efficiencies not achievable with off-the-shelf software development solutions.

National Security

Project teams using xUML continue to meet the stringent requirements imposed on applications used in national security. xUML modelling combined with customised code generation delivers tangible benefits in these complex projects.


xUML provides a concise and unambiguous modelling method which is ideally suited to the challenges faced by projects in this sector. Despite the complexities of applications that deal with large amounts of data, xUML modelling and code generation ensure that these applications continue to function correctly despite changes in functionality and underlying platform.


Characterised by numerous and complex requirements described in a variety of documents aimed at different project stakeholders, IT projects in organisations in this sector have benefited from using Executable UML. Rigorous analysis and development of unambiguous models, combined with the ability to verify model and system behaviour against requirements before developing the application software, result in models describing full system behaviour that meet requirements and can be used as “executable requirements” during system development.


Long-life projects, characteristic of this sector, have used xUML to implement platform independent models that safeguard their investment in the definition and development of system functionality. Advanced code generators have enabled the rapid and cost-effective deployment of the xUML application models onto complex new target platforms as and when the platforms are updated or when new platforms must be supported.


Driven by the stringent safety requirements of both the civilian and defence segments of this industry, organisations needing unambiguous and rigorous modelling techniques have used xUML to achieve their objectives. Novel approaches that combine xUML modelling, code generation and the rigour of formal methods, such the SPARK toolset, have been used for the development of high integrity systems.