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Abstract Solutions has extensive experience with tools to support a development process based on MDA with Executable UML.  In addition to being a reseller for the widely used IBM Products we have developed our own suite of iUML tools.

Tools such as IBM Rhapsody and iUML Modeller allow users to produce models that are precise, abstract and platform independent, making them easier to understand and maintain than the equivalent platform specific models. They can also be tested and integrated continuously as they evolve, making them ideal for use in an agile process.  Systems described with xUML models are future-proof as they can be mapped onto different existing platforms or new platforms that will appear during the lifetime of the system.

The platform independent models developed in these tools constitute long-term assets that capture intellectual property and protect organisations against staff attrition, incomplete documentation and unclear specifications. The code generators extend this notion to capturing the organisation's expertise in the use of its chosen platform.

The major components of products supporting the xUML process are:

Modelling and Testing Tools

IBM Rhapsody and iUML Modeller/Simulator enable users to create, debug and test high quality platform independent models of their system.  The resulting models can then be used as input to code generators in order to produce a target implementation.

With tools such as IBM's Team Concert and iUML's XMI Model Interchange features, modelling tools can be integrated with other products in order to support a seamless development process. 

Code Generation Tools

IBM Rhapsody Developer and the iUML suite provide generators that can produce both single and multi-process/thread target quality code using C, C++, Java ME, Java SE and Ada.

The code generators are available in adaptable versions that allow users to modify the code generation rules to suit the needs of their projects using tools such as IBM Rhapsody Developer Rules Composer or the iUML Configurable Code Generator.


For more information about how we can help you find the best tools for your project, please contact us.