Our Team


Chris Raistrick

Chris joined Kennedy Carter in 1989 and joined Abstract Solutions when it took over the business in 2010. Chris is responsible for managing all professional services. Over the last nineteen years, He has prepared and delivered training courses for a variety of software development methodologies. Chris has also provided consultancy on object-oriented methods and executable UML for large projects which include military avionics, telecommunications, and naval command and control systems. Today, Chris is Abstract Solutions’ lead expert in the modelling of complex systems and has completed modelling assignments for customers in military avionics, command and control systems and healthcare.

Chris has a BSc in Data Processing and a Diploma in Industrial Studies both from Loughborough University. He is an OMG Certified Advanced UML Professional, and has IBM Professional Certification for Rhapsody in C++.


Mark Slater

Mark joined Kennedy Carter in 2008 and was co-founder of Abstract Solutions when it acquired the Kennedy Carter business in 2010. Mark is responsible for sales and marketing strategy and operations in addition to managing the key business partner relationships with IBM and Axilica. Previously Mark has held sales management leadership positions delivering significant revenue growth at software engineering tools suppliers Serena, Compuware, Merant and CAST.

Mark has a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham.


Ian Wilkie

Ian joined Kennedy Carter in 1990 and was co-founder of Abstract Solutions when it took over the Kennedy Carter business in 2010. Ian is responsible for defining Abstract Solutions’ product development strategy; producing product development plans; and for liaising with and contributing to international standards bodies. As such, Ian represented the company in the OMG effort that resulted in the adoption of the UML Action Semantics. Ian is a recognised authority in modelling with executable UML and an expert in the use of Abstract Solutions‘ tools to address software development challenges across many vertical markets. He continues to be involved in some of the company’s most challenging customer projects which include the development of a SPARK Ada code generator for a UK customer, feasibility studies into use of executable UML for specifying System-on-Chip hardware and defining the architecture for a complex multi-threaded, multi-process code generator.

Ian has a BSc in Physics from the University of Edinburgh and a Ph.D. in High Energy Physics from the University of Glasgow.

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