Model Driven Architecture – Benefits

MDA Benefits – We have helped many organisations and people realise the full value and benefits of our approach to MDA. What’s in it for you and your company?

1. Shorter time to market through lightweight process and automatically generated artefacts.

“Model Driven Architecture benefits have reduced application development time by 20% on the F-16 MMC program in addition to helping them achieve complete cross-platform compatibility.” Lockheed Martin.

2. Cheaper upgrades by capturing differences in data not code.

“The system has even been ported from one operating system to another with no impact on the application, due to its de-coupling from the architecture.” Ultra Electronics Datel.

3. Higher quality through precise testable models.

“The more time we spend modelling at the high level, the less time we have to spend troubleshooting in our code.” Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems.

“Because of the modular approach taken with the design, maintenance is relatively straightforward.” BAE Systems.

“Abstract Solutions reviewed existing UML models and proposed best practices and recommendations for modelling strategy. Jaguar Land Rover reduced software validation time by up to 90 percent and cut bug-cause detection time by up to 90 percent.” Jaguar Land Rover.

4. Increased reuse through platform independent models and layered architecture.

“Platform independence is essential if the goal of decoupling the models from any changes to the Software Execution Platform is to be achieved.” Lockheed Martin.

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