Model Driven Architecture

We are world leaders at simplifying complex problems with a simplified approach to modelling that has been successfully deployed on many strategically critical projects in sectors such as defence, aerospace, telecommunications and automotive. MDA involves building domain-based platform independent models using UML. These models can be executed for compliance, and translated for deployment (executable UML, xUML).

We provide modelling consulting, training and mentoring to help organisations improve their systems and software engineering process. Our expertise has enabled our customers to drive down the cost and lead time for delivering real-time embedded software systems. To achieve this, our consultants average 25+ years’ experience implementing lightweight model driven processes for the design of platform architectures and embedded software systems.

The techniques applied by Abstract Solutions are specifically oriented towards capturing IP in a form that is comprehensible to all stakeholders, and can be used (and reused) to generate the required deployment artefacts and documentation.

We offer a mature, highly optimised system and software design process that has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of time needed to deliver a new concept to market.  It is founded on a lightweight, joined-up system and software modelling process, in which the modelling notations are simple, precise and universally comprehensible.  Our approach will help you to unify your engineering process by allowing your systems and software people to communicate using a common language, while providing a clear delineation between the two disciplines.  Software engineers capitalise on the work of systems engineers, avoiding duplication and providing continuity and traceability throughout the process, saving time and money.

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