Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems

Abstract Solutions worked with Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems to deliver a complex system using SysML/UML modelling.

Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems has recently successfully completed the delivery of a system using both SysML and UML modelling for systems and software development. Abstract Solutions worked with the team and provided:

  • IBM Rhapsody and UML Modelling training
  • Support for the migration of existing models from another modelling tool
  • Ongoing mentoring during the project
  • Design and implementation of the software components

The more time we spend modelling at the high level, the less time we have to spend troubleshooting in our code. In fact, our high level models are now so detailed that we generate the code automatically, a process that was completely manual before

Ultra Electronics

Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems

Adhering to stringent engineering practices and increasing efficiency.

To meet tight deadlines for complex software engineering projects while ensuring high integrity cross the entire development lifecycle, Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems adopted a fully integrated development platform helping the company deliver high quality solutions efficiently.

Business Challenge

Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems aims to deliver high quality systems engineering projects rapidly and cost-effectively, but relying on many development tools led to delays and a risk of human error.


The company implemented a fully integrated software engineering environment, enabling it to manage the entire development lifecycle with a level of end-to-end quality control automation.


Increased software engineering efficiency and quality control Reduced rework costs.

Facilitates on-time delivery of complex projects.

Business challenge story – Speeding ahead of the competition

To strengthen its competitive position in a highly competitive niche market and excel in delivering high quality solutions, Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems is always looking for ways to work more effectively without affecting quality.

Transformation story – Building an integrated development environment

When Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems first decided to implemented the integrated development environment, initial setup required significant effort on the part of its software engineers, who received support from specialists for each tool in the suite. Training on IBM Rational Rhapsody for design activities was also key for a successful adoption by the engineering community. Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems enlisted Abstract Solutions to conduct external training courses for the IBM platform.

A spokesperson states: “After the initial deployment work was complete, Abstract Solutions continued to play a key role, providing a specialist contractor embedded in the software development team to fully exploit the functionalities of IBM Rational Rhapsody and deliver ad hoc support”.

Source code is automatically generated from simulated designs in IBM Rational Rhapsody. Design and test documentation are automatically produced from the software model held in IBM Rational Rhapsody.

All these capabilities contribute to reducing costs and keeping design, implementation and documentation synchronized—facilitating more rigorous control of the end-to-end development lifecycle.

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