Modelling and UML Training

Abstract Solutions has developed a complete range of modelling training courses dealing with the practical issues of planning and successfully completing an MDA-based project using executable UML (xUML). The courses are based on case studies of real projects and are presented by Abstract Solutions’ senior consultants, who are experienced in all aspects of system development in the context of MDA and executable UML.

Maximising the benefits that an organisation derives from its investment in a toolset is important in helping individual projects adopt best practices where relevant to that organisation’s products and target market. In addition to its standard training courses, Abstract Solutions can customise existing training material or prepare new material to cover requirements that are specific to an organisation, program or even a particular customer product.

Public Courses

Throughout the year Abstract Solutions runs a schedule of courses at various locations around the UK. Please contact us for further details of the training schedule.

On-Site Training

Abstract Solutions can also deliver its training courses on-site at a customer facility providing projects with additional flexibility in scheduling training and expert knowledge transfer.

The table below summarises the content of all our Model Driven Architecture training courses. These course emphasise the importance of process and modelling strategy and, as such, are tool agnostic. However, they can be tailored with information relevant to specific tools if required.

Click on a course title for a detailed synopsis.

Course Duration Executable UML Standard UML Specific Tool Usage Automatic System Generation Manual System Design Case Study
MDA with xUML 3 Optional Fuel Station
MDA with xUML for Embedded Systems 3 Optional Avionics Engine Monitoring
MDA with xUML for Managers 0.5 Optional Military Aircraft
MDA with xUML Overview 2 Fuel Station
MDA with UML for embedded systems 3 Optional Avionics Engine Monitoring
MDA with UML for Military Aerospace 3 Optional Military Aircraft

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