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Model Driven Architecture with Executable UML is authored by Abstract Solutions’ most experienced and senior consultants.

This book distills our extensive experiences with Executable UML and MDA resulting from working closely with our customers. We have deployed Executable UML into diverse application markets including telecommunications, healthcare, aerospace, defence, automotive, finance and industrial control. The book demonstrates the significant impact that Executable UML has in the development of complex systems and software.

As well as providing the reader with a step-by-step guide to the application of the process, the book describes the Exectuable UML formalism in detail and provides numerous examples of model patterns and anti-patterns.

It is published by the Cambridge University Press where further details can be found.

Comments posted on Amazon include:

By Indikiv Vadim: “This is a good book. It was written by real professionals. It’s full of useful ideas. Strong, but not boring. Must have.”

By Paul Bandler: “This book provides and clear and detailed introduction to the method of developing complex software systems indicated by its title. It speaks with an air of authority clearly rooted in the authors’ breadth and depth of experience yet retains a light and occasionally amusing style and includes many anecdotes that seasoned software professionals can readily relate to.  Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It tackled problems I recognised in a practical way and gave me a clear insight into how the method is used. I believe it represents a valuable contribution to the field of complex systems development and worthy of the time of anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of practical MDA.”

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