Generic Vehicle Architecture

Abstract Solutions were selected by the MoD to define and assist in the deployment of the modelling process and strategy used for their Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) Model (GVA), called up by Def Stan 23-009. The GVA Model has now been adopted as a NATO standard, embodied in STANAG 4754 – NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture. It is also being extended to include modules relevant to the Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA) and the Generic Base Architecture (GBA), and this all-encompassing model is now known as the Land Data Model (LDM). The LDM is also being incorporated into the next generation of Tactical Communication and Information Systems (TacCIS), known as MORPHEUS.

Abstract Solutions have developed tailored training for the LDM, and delivered this to a number of organisations. We are contracted, in partnership with QinetiQ, to direct and manage the evolution of the LDM.

The LDM is a strategic asset, owned by the MoD, comprising a set of highly reusable platform independent domain models that can be configured with data to enable deployment on a wide range of platforms (vehicles, soldiers, bases). Abstract Solutions have also specified and developed a set of model translators to support deployment onto execution platforms based upon DDS and Lean Services. The platform independent models can, of course, be deployed onto any platform, present or future, by means of additional platform-specific model translators. The LDM enables high levels of interoperability and replaceability between components of the various land-based platforms.

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